For Widows Only! Annie Estlund

ISBN: 9780595291106

Published: November 11th 2003


328 pages


For Widows Only!  by  Annie Estlund

For Widows Only! by Annie Estlund
November 11th 2003 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 328 pages | ISBN: 9780595291106 | 9.46 Mb

For Widows Only! is an extraordinary book for widows. Personal, intimate, and honest, it contains straight from the hip girl talk, strictly for widows only! In addition to nuts and bolts advice, author Annie Estlund includes her most intimateMoreFor Widows Only! is an extraordinary book for widows. Personal, intimate, and honest, it contains straight from the hip girl talk, strictly for widows only!

In addition to nuts and bolts advice, author Annie Estlund includes her most intimate feelings and those of many other widows, making this book relevant to widows of all ages at all stages. Organized into three sections, What Happened? What Now?

and What Next? For Widows Only! guides the grieving widow through her most anxious moments and helps her find answers to her most pressing questions. Ms. Estlund particularly empathizes with widows who think they will never survive their trauma or that life will never again be worthwhile. For Widows Only!

offers guidelines to deal with the fears and aches of widowhood while maintaining an upbeat tone and hope for the future. Although life will never be the same, Ms. Estlund illustrates that it can be good again.Wives and others who grieve will take solace in this candid view of widowhood, and widows will especially appreciate its honesty. For Widows Only! is destined to be every widows best friend, always there when she needs it.

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